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Goodbye 2015...Hello 2016!!!

Well I don't know about you but 2015 was pretty good to me!! It wasn't ALL peaches and cream but the good definitely outweighed the not so good. A lot of amazing things happened to me in 2015 and as I start 2016 I just wanted to reflect on some highlights. So take a little stroll with me down memory lane and stick around to see what 2016 holds for me!!

Let's start at the beginning...I went to see one of my most favorite plays ever!! I was super excited to finally get to see Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart in "Chicago" and I had FRONT ROW SEATS!!! I was even more excited to share this moment with one of my dearest friends. My 2015 wouldn't have been much without her love and support and I KNOW I annoyed her by singing every single song, but she loved it and so did I!! What are we gonna see this year Alexis Burks?

So as if "All That Jazz" wasn't enough...I got to see and MEET my two favorite R&B singers at the same time!!! This was my first ever concert (don't judge me)...You will notice a LOT of firsts in this post. I was totally starstruck when I met both Tank and Avant and I almost passed out when Avant sang "Read Your Mind" in my was an "Amazing" night!!!!

Okay Okay soooooooooooooo after I managed to cool down from all that hotness...I had to start getting myself together for my very first trip EVER! Oh I wasn't just going anywhere...I was "Going Back to Cali" lol...okay so I've never been but it seemed a fitting insert. Now its no secret if you know me why I was headed to California. I was going to spend the weekend learning from my mentor Mimi G of MimiGStyle! Now at this particular point I had met Mimi once for about 7 minutes at her Meet and Greet in New York Sept 2014. Anyone that knows me knows I was literally counting down the seconds before I would get to see her again. Boy was I nervous...I had NEVER flown before and I was understandably nervous but more excited...I felt like I was starting to live! Here are a few highlights...I wish I could post them all but...
Arriving to Newark Airport in style of course!

who was waiting for me when I landed...I finally got to meet my "sewstie" Cree


some of my favorite darlings
Kelly Horton the glue to our group and she was guarding my present to Mimi like a hawk!

My Audrey Hepburn blanket I presented to Mimi...this blanket put me in Crochet retirement!

Chatting it up with my girl!

I walked in my first fashion show, wearing my own creation and it felt AMAZING!

I got too see Mimi twice this year again in NY Oct 2015
Sooooooooooooo not even 3 weeks after getting back from Cali...I was getting on another plane!! Heading to MIA for a cruise to THE BAHAMAS to meet  friends for our 24th high school reunion! This was a long time in the making and very long overdue...while we were few in number, this trip left an indelible mark on my life. This one trip renewed old friendships and sparked new would go on to provide us other opportunities to get together again since the cruise and now we're working on our 25th...Mexico baby!!! Arts High c//o 91 and plus some!!

One of the biggest things I did this year was finally commit to doing a blog and taking my sewing to the next level with Tickled Pink. by Lawana Lavon
created a logo

and got labels!!!
I got lots of support from family and friends but these 3 hold a very special place in my heart and closet! When I launched my first closet sale these 3 literally cleaned me out...and I don't know where I would be without my TPVIP! Thanks Sameerah, Monireh and Marcia!



The year I had up until this point has been amazing and I can truly see me going nowhere but up from here! Nevertheless I couldn't have gotten through this year without my family, for without their love and support I could not go on...
My children

Almost a college graduate

So the best is yet to come for me and I can't wait to are some of my best looks from 2015. As I was putting this compilation together I realize most of my best work came at the end of the year and that is because I am getting better with my sewing and I am very proud of how far I've come in 2 and a half years...

I can not end this post without taking some time out to thank one very special person in my life...without his love, support, honesty, and commitment I don't think this year would have been quite the to "He who makes my cheeks hurt" Keep making my cheeks hurt and I'll keep making you proud...I love you!!!

So in 2016 continue to 
Keep it Sassy, Classy, Sexy, Period.


  1. What a awesome way to end 2015 Sis with a BANG!!!Thank you for being such a jewel always...You have been my inspiration...My sewstie forever.. So happy for where God is taking you in these seasons of your life...Happy New Year Darling...Love ya Cree

  2. You doing big thangs girl..congrats..heres to bigger n betta thangs

  3. 2015 was a really good year. I pray 2016 will be fabulous for you.

  4. Nice post,Lawana! You really did have a great 2015.Blessings to you for an even better 2016.

  5. What a great year!!!! I'm watching and supporting in 2016. Have a great year!
    All the best, Menyorn


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