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Showing posts from January 24, 2016

#FlashbackFriday!!!!/My most FAVORITE FABRIC FIND EVER!!!!

Before I jump into this #FlashbackFriday let me bring you guys up to speed... What a couple of weeks I’ve had!! You know when I started this blogging journey; I didn’t really know what I was getting into. Sewing is my sanity and if I didn’t have it, I might go absolutely mad! Since September I essentially was working 3 jobs (yes 3 jobs) Before Care, Day Job, and After Care. Now while this all took place in one location…I was drained working from 7am to 6pm. I started to notice that let alone was I not having enough time to blog; I was too exhausted to sew! My son who has Autism was doing okay at first but then started to have more frequent meltdowns. I also was in preparation to send my daughter back off to complete her senior year of college with financially issues!! So who do you think had a meltdown next? That would be me and I was not “Tickled Pink” about it! I had to do some reevaluating.

While I’m sure a lot of you might be saying “Show Me The Money”, I had to make a decision an…

RING THE ALARM!!!! I'M DONE WITH WINTER!! MiMicItMonday featuring Beyonce!!

MiMicItMonday is back!! I needed a little break and I'll tell you guys why on Friday. What a week!   Now its no secret that  I have undoubtedly been a tad bit obsessed with winter white this season.  I put my little twist on this number from Beyonce's Ring The Alarm video. Why it's "Sassy,Classy, Sexy, Period." Pair it with a bold red lip, and pink leather boots and sound the alarm! 
To create this look: I used Simplicity 1283 and extended the crop top to make the dress.A Mimi G tutorial for  the cocoon sweater was used and  I used a  mash-up of McCall's 6844 and 6442 to create the second coat/dress.

Although I love this winter white look and  due to the overwhelming amount of snow this weekend (28 inches) I  am sew over winter! I give up on the winter  for right now. I just wanna go outside for pics and enjoy the elements, but this here snow is messing up my vibe... I however reserve the right to change my mind, should some absolutely fabulous inspiration c…