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Freestyle Friday & Giveaway Winners!!!!

Yay!!! It's Friday and it's a 3-day weekend...what are you guys doing this weekend? Let me know below. Well first things first...FREESTYLE FRIDAY!!!!
Anyone that knows me, knows I love my skirts and maxis...I even adore my wide legged palazzo pants. However I almost never ever wear jeans! Even on the occasional "dress down" day at work I don't do it. That's mostly in part to my shapely figure and I find it very hard to find jeans that fit me (insert sad face) UNTIL NOW THAT IS!!! The struggle is indeed real...I recently went back to Weight Watchers because I am trying to be the best me I can be. Now you might be saying, "She's fine!" "What does she have to lose?" It's not about the number on the scale its about what happens "Beyond The Scale" like taking care of the other parts of me physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. So occasionally I will throw in a FREESTYLE FRIDAY to let my hair down a little bit sew to speak...I…

Leather & Pearls/Giveaway!!!!

This is a story about Control
My Control
Control of what I say
Control of what I do
And this time, I'm gonna do things my way
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do
Are we ready? I AM
Cause it's all about Control and I've got Lots of it! -Janet Jackson

A lot easier than said sometimes, when we allow things from our past to control our present and potentially our future you can spiral out of control. So in my case I sew to stay in control and nothing says in control like some leather honey!!!

In this dress I felt all the things my blog stands for: Sassy Classy, Sexy, Period. I've had this pattern McCalls 7047 in my stash for quite some time, However when Mimi G did a tutorial for it, of course I had to have my own. I had tons of faux leather in my stash and couldn't wait to tackle it! I opted for no sleeves or peplum (peplums make your bottom look bigger and I don't need any help in that area...LOL) I also loved the train instead of the straight bottom. To comple…

MiMicItMonday Featuring Guess Who?

Happy Monday Gang...what a week I've had! I'll tell you all about it during the week. Let's just say I've had to deal with Autism meltdowns, feeling discouraged, STILL battling bronchitis (AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!) and trying to clean out a closet!!! Chaos I tell ya!! So to keep my sanity I needed to get on my machine. I made a few pieces this weekend that I can't wait to show you but since I am obsessed with jumpsuits, I decided to revisit a jumpsuit I made a few weeks back!

Now most of you know I work in a classroom and the way the heat is set up..I eliminated the sleeves and the turtleneck...What I love most about this "reboot" is that I can layer it with a sweater if I get chilly and how awesome is this fabric? I've had it over a year and finally realized what I could make from it and I love it!!! And best of all its super comfy!!

Until next time, Keep it Sassy, Classy, Sexy, Period.