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How Sewing helped me with Body Shame...

I'm not the average girl from the videos
And I aint built like a supermodel
But I learned to love myself unconditionally
Because I am a queen...India Arie

I wanted to do something a little different today and that’s start a dialog…
It’s always amazing to me how the things that come out of people’s mouths require a preface…like *WARNING: WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY IS UTTER NONSENSE*

Now it’s no secret that I’m a curvy woman…been like that my whole life…it’s in my family’s genes! What can I say? Thanks Grandma!!

Now while I made a little joke…the things I’ve heard over the years and most recently have left me a little disheartened…

“Girl, why are you working here? You should be a stripper/dancer”

“With a body like that I would be in videos”

“Now you know YOU need a blazer on with that dress!”

“Looks like you are hiding a Smurf under that dress!”

“You look like Barney today!”

“Your outfit is too much today!”

“You are too big for that!”

And these are just a few of the comments I’ve heard recently and di…

#MiMicitMonday: Featuring Teiraney J

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend...I most certainly did! I got some work done in my sewing space (LaLa Land). I cleaned out my closet to prepare for new creations and to be a blessing to someone. I also got some other work done but I'll save that for another post! I had a chat with a friend from college and we're working on something super fun, can't wait to share that with you guys also! 

Until next time my loves, Keep it Sassy, Classy, Sexy, Period.