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Showing posts from January 3, 2016

My new favorite fabric store & MiMicItMonday is BACK!! Featuring MimiG!

Happy New Year again!! Vacation is over and I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. Although I was sick my entire vacation, I managed to get some rest but not much sewing done. I had so many plans to sew over my holiday break but my body had other plans. All I could do was gather inspiration while I tried to recover. A few week ago while out with my special guy he said he wanted to take me somewhere to anyone that knows me, knows how much I love to eat so I was down! As we were driving we literally stumbled upon the fabric store...I thought that was where he was taking me! It was a total surprise to both him and me...well I couldn't not go in could I?

So while I was visiting Shor I found some delicious scuba fabric. I went to this store 3 times before I bought it because I kept saying, its not the season for it.. but who says you can't have a little springtime in winter? .then I remembered this pic of Mimi G...

I ran back to Shor Fabrics in Newark and scooped …