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#FlashbackFriday!!!!/My most FAVORITE FABRIC FIND EVER!!!!

Before I jump into this #FlashbackFriday let me bring you guys up to speed... What a couple of weeks I’ve had!! You know when I started this blogging journey; I didn’t really know what I was getting into. Sewing is my sanity and if I didn’t have it, I might go absolutely mad! Since September I essentially was working 3 jobs (yes 3 jobs) Before Care, Day Job, and After Care. Now while this all took place in one location…I was drained working from 7am to 6pm. I started to notice that let alone was I not having enough time to blog; I was too exhausted to sew! My son who has Autism was doing okay at first but then started to have more frequent meltdowns. I also was in preparation to send my daughter back off to complete her senior year of college with financially issues!! So who do you think had a meltdown next? That would be me and I was not “Tickled Pink” about it! I had to do some reevaluating.

While I’m sure a lot of you might be saying “Show Me The Money”, I had to make a decision and I had to do it fast. I weighed my options and all I could hear was “Your Gift will make room for you!” So I decided to let the after-school job go. I will miss the extra money but my greater is coming!

So with that being said,  I will on a limited basis be creating items for sale, as well as hosting a Sip & Sew this Spring!!! I am super excited about what is in store for Tickled Pink by Lawana Lavon so stay tuned and come back next week to see what's up for grabs!! Need a quick V-Day gift? I may be able to help you out!


Last year around this time I came across a local fabric warehouse and I went bananas!!! I bought a piece of fabric maybe 3 yards and took it home and I made this...

Mimi G Double Peplum...instead of a mini I made it a dress!! One of my absolute favorite tutorials of hers!!

I loved the way this fabric felt so much I went back and bought ALL THEY HAD LEFT!! ABOUT 20 YARDS!! These are the babies that were birthed from my MOST FAVORITE FABRIC EVER!!!

Simplicity 1283 pants

McCall's 7020 modified
following Mimi G tutorial (free on YT)

McCall's 7099 Jumpsuit and Mimi G Obi Belt

McCalls 6886 modified...I love this dress!!!
I absolutely love this fabric, it is a ponte and I love the way it drapes and fits to your curves and body! Over the snow filled weekend I sorted my scrap fabric...yes  I did!!  So while I didn't have lots of time to sew I did find a little time to revamp the double peplum mini dress...I removed the bow and the sleeves and I created the "foto" (faux moto)  jacket using another TNT pattern (that's Tried and True) McCalls 6844 i opted to crop the jacket instead of making a peplum on if you look closely at the sleeves you'll spy that ponte again (found BOTH the stripes and the ponte in the scrap pile SCORE!) Tell me what you guys think! I'd love to hear it!!!

 So until next time, 
Keep it Sassy, Classy, Sexy, Period.


  1. That jacket came out cute! You should do a tutorial on it. *Hint Hint* lol Good job Lady!

  2. Very nice, Lawanna! Came looking for Mimic It Monday, and didn't realize I had missed this one. Love all the looks you were able to create with this one fabric. You look lovely in all of them. I love that you've decided to allow your gift to make room for you. What a great idea to make a little extra cash doing what you love. The Sip & Sew sounds like fun too. Blessings to you in all that you do.


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