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Farewell Fall!!

Well the weather outside is frightful..
.but to sew is so delightful...and since there's no where to go
Let Us Sew
Let Us Sew
Let Us Sew

Whooooooooooooooo what a week! My first week of blogging was a success and its because of you guys. I appreciate all of the wonderful comments and encouragement. So in honor of my first week, I am giving you a 2 for 1 special look!

When I found this fabric a couple of weeks ago, I knew it would be a great addition to my fall wardrobe. I also knew that if I didn't make something with it soon, I would have to save it for next summer/fall. However  I couldn't keep this delicious fabric cooped up until next fall. But I couldn't decide on just one dress, I had to make 2!!!

These are 2 of my most favorite types of dresses to make for myself: fitted midi dresses and of course my signature maxi dress. I paired them with a super cute pair of suede fringe heels and a Mimi G Cape with my own little twist by adding a hood...So with that we bid you fare thee well fall...see you soon!!

Have a wonderful weekend my loves
and remember
Keep it Sassy, Classy, Sexy, Period.


  1. Praise God...enjoy your weekend...

  2. Need some of that fabric..looking good as always

  3. I will take that maxi dress as soon as you done Thanks In Advance❤

  4. Nice dresses! I like the hood on the cape. Did you self draft the hood?

  5. Pretty Lavon!!!! I added you to bloglovin ;)

  6. Umm you look ABSOLUTELY amazing my love!!!!!

  7. Alright! That Poncho is ME all day! I need that...!

  8. Alright! That Poncho is ME all day! I need that...!

  9. What fabric did you use for the midi? Doing some pencil skirts and not sure where to look.

    1. Hey Penny...I love anything with stretch...preferably a double knit...this is very lightweight like an ity


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